Useful Info

We are open daily, with Mondays only by appointment.

Why do service durations and prices sometimes vary between stylists? 

Factors influencing price variations among professionals include differences in service duration, added-value details, expertise in specialized techniques and general experience.  While all of our professionals have demonstrated proficiency behind the chair, a complimentary consultation considering your goals, priorities, history, hair, scalp and skin conditions will help you choose the right service and stylist.

Anton Express services are available with a junior stylist on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Anton Velocity services are unplanned events and are available on a first come basis.  Ask our receptionist to join the AV list.

The option to book an appointment is available only if your chosen stylist is available on the time and date requested.  An appointment cannot be booked if there is a schedule conflict or the named stylist does not perform your chosen service.  You may opt for another time or provider, or simply call us at (510) 647-8866 and we will be happy to assist you.

Some rental stylists do not use our booking system.  If you do not see their name, please contact your stylist directly.


Our booking system offers you the added convenience of virtually holding your payment card on file.  In compliance with the latest PCI Data Security Standard, your information is held offsite in a secure database where no one in the salon has access to it.  Read more about these standards on Wikipedia by clicking this link: PCI DSS


We would appreciate hearing from you as soon as possible when you know an appointment must be changed or canceled.  Call, email or text us a reply to the confirmation notification you received on your smartphone.  We encourage you to enable automatic reminder texts or emails from our online booking system, you can also just ask us to enroll you.

Because last minute cancellations result inevitably in lost income for your stylist, a cancellation fee is charged for late cancellations and no-shows.

If you must cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment, a 50% late-cancel fee will be charged to your account.  For a no-show, the fee is 100% of the appointment value.


A customer will not be assessed a cancellation fee if they show up late but cannot be seen due to another customer booking.


We love the products we sell and believe you will too! Sometimes a customer will buy a product only to find they already have it at home! For whatever reason you decide to make a return, we stand by our products and will give you a full refund for products you return within 20 days of purchase. If your name was not provided in the sales transaction, we will ask for a proof of purchase so we can be sure to apply the refund to the proper customer account.