Salon Reopening Safety Practices

As our big reunion looms, we would like to inform you of additional measures we are taking to prevent the spread of illness during your visit to the salon.  We know you are looking forward to returning, but we also know you may be feeling somewhat nervous and anxious.  It is our goal to protect you and make you comfortable during your visit.

To this end, we ask that you:

  • Arrive alone for your appointment
  • Arrive promptly for your appointment – if you are late, we may need to reschedule
  • Wait in your car or outside in fresh air if you arrive early (our inside waiting area is closed) – remember to check-in from your car so we know you are waiting, we may be able to see you early
  • Wash your hands when you arrive using hand sanitizer or soap & water at our handwashing sink
  • Keep a space of two meters between you and others, aside from your service provider
  • Not touch or shake hands with anyone in the salon
  • Consider paying for your visit using an e-pay app, bank card or contactless payment method rather than cash

We are also asking that you reschedule your appointment if:

  • Your body temperature is elevated today (there will be no late-cancel charge for this reason)
  • You have experienced cold or flu symptoms in the last 14 days
  • You have been in contact with anyone with col or flu symptoms in the last 14 days

So your visit is as safe as possible, you will have a slightly different salon experience than before:

  • Drinking water will be available upon request, but all other beverage services are suspended
  • Our coat closet is closed, but you are welcome to use the garment hook mounted on the wall next to your mirror
  • Please limit the number of personal items you bring with you
  • Appointments are spaced out to reduce the number of people in the salon and to allow extra time for cleaning between clients
  • We are sanitizing equipment and furnishings between all client visits
  • We are cleaning common area and high-touch surfaces including door handles, light switches, stairway handrails, and toilet facilities on a basis more frequent than usual
  • All of our staff have been specially trained in hygienic cleaning procedures and infection prevention best practices
    • Anton Salon stands proudly by its seven-year history of zero-deficiency findings from ALL health and safety inspections conducted by governing agencies


We can’t wait to see you!